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Kindergarten Free School

Location at Tracap Kaliwiro Wonosobo Central Java

ECD (early childhood education) recently known as paud (pendidikan anak usia dini) ORI SCHOOL

is a free school for children of migrant workers and the poor, this school stands almost 1 year, the number of pupils now reach 30 children. The school is located in the village of jojogan tracap Kaliwiro Wonosobo central Java. Indeed, this area is one of the bases of migrant workers.

Many residents of this area who migrated to work outside Indonesia. Their goal country is Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Singapore, and Taiwan according Salamah jojogan one of the villagers who had worked in Saudi Arabia said, “if I do not work out of the country, my family would eat? I also would not be able to build a house, earning just enough work here for daily meals. ”

That is one reason why so many people flock work out the country, no doubt, lack of employment and inadequate revenue, which encourages the flow of out-migration can not stop servants.

Children are the future generation, the hands they determined the fate of this nation. Should we consider their education from an early age, “we just want the kid is a smart kid, though later as adults they could be creating their own work, work and not depend on others, or if they are working out the country later, they became migrant workers who brave, smart and not easily deceived by the agency and the employer ” was the reason for this school was founded.

Most of the students of this school are the children of migrant workers, their parents are still actively working outside the country.
Their children are usually left with relatives or grandparents. Though these children have the right to get enough affection from their parents.

Many of those who neglected the education, starved for affection that as adults many of them are actually familiar with their own parents, because parents are too old to work overseas.

Neglected children’s education is a social impact of working outside the country. Apparently money is not everything it takes anak2, what they need is love. At school they are taught to Self, Creative, sensitive to the environment and responsibility, of course, the material taught in accordance with their age. Every beginning of the lesson, the children are always invited to pray together for the safety and success of both their parents.