About Us

ORILéNS immagini is an Indonesian company and starts for about more than 12 years now this.
Deliver the idea of non studio photographic company, it is also explain that major and concentrate of this company are more to the capturing architectural, products and business profile in photography presentation.

In our developments, ORILéNS immagini always experience a significant improvement in each hierarchically. Likewise, the name we use today. Having previously used the ORI Photography has expired on behalf of the fellowship. So as of August 2, 2011 we are launching a new name. ORILéNS immagini. The new brand is launching by a new alliance agreement with reputable party investors.

Along with this we also declare that the ORI Photography and or use of the name are beyond our responsibility and the law that followed.

ORILéNS immagini regard to the meaning of is, “a picture is taken using the original lens”. Following these words are words that became our watchword, “ad perfectionem ori”. The meaning is perfectly done and original.

Delivering more updates, we are now moving our HQ from Surabaya to Jakarta. We are located on Flamboyant Raya 40, Tebet-Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta.

Yet enough to inform to you that we are also updating our website to become www.Orimmagini-Original however, since the development of this web are having so many updates information and utilities allow us to have sometimes to online it.

In the future, our web will also inform to you what our clients do, in term of promotions and yearly programs. As well as update our CSR programs, to shown how much we care towards our environment and social neighborhood.

Hoping this three big moments will makes your company more confident to use our services, as well as up lifting your brand and services.

Right now we have five branches in Indonesia and one branch in Hong Kong, and soon will be another branch at Philippine.  We deliver photographic services in many properties and try to communicate the uniqueness and strength of our clients. ***